Cambridge Training Event

The Everest School hosted an International Cambridge Training Event last December 13th-14th.
It was attended by teachers from our school and other Cambridge schools both in Spain and abroad. This two-day workshop focused on how teachers can embed Active Learning and Assessment for Learning into their classroom practice.

 On Day One, the Active Learning workshop was centred on different strategies to develop this approach, which engages students actively in their own learning process. The focus is on how they learn, not just on what they learn. Students are encouraged to «think hard», rather than passively receive information from the teacher; thus developing the higher order thinking skills which are vital for success. The teachers who attended these sessions participated in different kinds of activities, the aim of which was to develop and reaffirm this practice in our own classrooms.

 On Day Two, the Assessment for Learning workshop concentrated on the use of a wide range of formal and informal assessment strategies to determine where students are in their learning and what to do next. This approach also helps learners to take greater responsibility for their own learning. Teachers were provided with different resources and ideas to continue with the integration of AFL in their lessons.

 The event was a huge success and all the participants commented on how formative, practical and useful it was.

 Proud to be Everest!

Cambridge Training Event Colegio Privado Madrid Cambridge Training Event Colegio Privado Madrid Cambridge Training Event Colegio Privado Madrid