Cambridge Exams

During the months of May and June, our students have taken the Cambridge exams at school obtaining excellent results in First (FCE), Advanced (CAE) and Proficiency (CPE). These examinations show the oral and writing English level of our students. We are very proud of the results which reflect our high standards of English as a Cambridge International School.

As an example, we would like you to read María Cuadrado Sobrini writings published below.

Maria has recently finished Second Bachillerato with outstanding results in English. Not only did she achieve straight-As in the final evaluation and summa cum laude (matrícula de honor) for the course, but she also obtained the Proficiency Certificate (CPE).

María’s compositions are above CPE level and portray a uniquely original style and incisive creativity beyond her years in a language which is not her mother tongue.





When trying to remember the world’s past civilisations, many of them come to mind but just one instinctively attracts my attention: Egyptian society. So when I unexpectedly came across a local exhibition featuring this well-renowned historical subject, I firmly decided to give it a go, not just to immerse myself in what my preferences are, but also to expand my vague knowledge about it.

Hidden among the narrow streets of New York, the exhibition isolates itself from the busy city with the intention of catching the eye of those who search for wisdom, often calling themselves “culture vultures”. However, transport is not a problem in these crowded towns. The ambience itself contributes to feeling drawn to the mystery behind the Egyptian ruins and mummies directly brought from the Orient. This is the main reason why the display has achieved so much success during the short time it has been open to the public.

Hieroglyphics, decomposed mummies, heavy sarcophagi, dazzling jewellery, anything that has to do with ancient Egypt is assembled in a clever exposition which makes visitors be drawn to the explanations and interactive images that accompany the objects of the show. Educating society on history is as important as mastering any subject. Learning about our past means predicting what could happen in the future, avoiding errors which were committed previously to overcome future challenges.

I would totally recommend leaving your comfort zone behind to experience different cultures and past events, as I consider them to be quite an eye-opener because of the ignorance that surrounds our everyday life linked as it is to the internet. We have forgotten about the remains of an ancient Earth that was once home to many other lifestyles and mysteries.




It is known for a fact that a reasonable part of the human being’s daily waste terminates floating in the immense ocean that provides life to millions of marine species. All this discarded refuse not only means an unattractive and dirty landscape, but also an eternal footprint on the ecosystem created by the flotsam and jetsam of our busy routines.

Most people do not collaborate with the alarming rising levels of waste accumulation, ignoring the existence of a sixth continent composed solely of plastic. The saying “Ignorance is bliss.” does not really apply to this unaware way of thinking which underestimates an urgent need for a solution. Nevertheless, we may reflect about the consequences when fish become so toxic that there is no way of selling them.

All in all, the consciousness of this current and disturbing problem should be enough to initiate a plan of action, striving to save our planet before its last pillars collapse and lead to a total destruction. However, a section of our population does care about Earth, taking recycling measures and employing biodegradable products in an attempt to reduce the damage.

In my opinion, political and economic questions totally blind us to environmental scenarios, without mentioning the Covid pandemic, which has gained more importance than anything at present. It is ironic how a toxic bat has killed thousands of people; let us hope a contaminated fish is not the next surprise.