Extra curricular Colegio Privado Madrid


Thanks to our magnificent facilities of more than 20,000 square metres, we carry out different activities, appropriate to the age of the pupil, stimulating their artistic or spatial capacity, motor, sporting, linguistic and verbal coordination to complete their education. From paddle tennis, swimming, ballet, judo, flamenco, drama club, robotics, fun science, languages, piano, guitar… to the classics such as football, basketball, athletics or volleyball.

We also participate in academic competitions (physics, maths, religion, writing), debates, public speaking and we organise inter-school sports tournaments (Friendship Tournament or Lighthouse Cup), we participate in local sports competitions, we organise our Cross Everest for pupils and parents and summer camps.

Extracurricular Activities 2023-2024

Extracurricular Timetables 2023-2024

Extra curricular Colegio Privado Madrid