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Education does not transform the World. Education changes People. People change the World.

By combining the best of our education tradition and through constant investigation, we are the safe and quality option in our environment.

Our Higher Secondary model allows pupils to find the curriculum that best suits their vocational, university and professional aspirations. We offer three Higher Secondary branches with five study plans: Technology, Biohealth, Social Science, Humanities and Art. Everest School prepares its Higher Secondary pupils to embark on this stage with maturity and gives them the tools they need to achieve their academic and personal goals:

      • CAREER GUIDANCE Programme from 3rd Year Lower Secondary to 2nd Year Higher Secondary.
      • Pioneering WORK EXPERIENCE programme: a real experience in the labour market for Higher Secondary pupils.
      • Public speaking, debates.
      • Personal interviews with pupils and their families in order to draw up a realistic work plan as a team capable of successfully leading to the chosen degree and university.
      • Social Participation Programme that helps our pupils discover other, more disadvantaged realities.
      • Master classes by professors from Universidad Francisco de Vitoria.
      • Integral formation trips in 1st Year Higher Secondary on the Camino de Santiago [St. James’s Way] and in 2nd Year Higher Secondary to Hospitalidad de Lourdes and Poland under the “Following in the footsteps of Pope John Paul II” programme.
      • TEENAGER days.

We excel through personalised attention at a crucial time in the development of their personal, academic and professional profiles. As a result, and besides the various academic study plans that we offer, we invest in placing all the resources available to us within their reach to help them grow in every way and accompany them on the path towards their chosen destination.

Accompanied by the best teachers at all times

We have the best team of teachers who go out of their way for each one of our pupils and strive to personalise the education received by each one. They love their pupils, and their pupils feel that affection. They engage in ongoing training, dedicated and willing to bring out the best from each pupil not only in terms of academic performance but also in terms of human and spiritual development because a person is the sum of all their parts and our formation is integral. More than just teachers, our trainers accompany each pupil on this wonderful adventure.


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Higher Secondary Colegio Privado Madrid


Study techniques

Our Higher Secondary teachers introduce the most advantageous study techniques for each pupil into their programme at a multidisciplinary level in order to maximise performance in the EvAU exams and throughout their university life.

  • Schedule planning
  • Task planning
  • Identification of the most important concepts
  • Summaries and underlining
  • Memorisation techniques
  • Practical tasks

Furthermore, personal tutoring sessions and the guidance department work on these techniques in specific cases, as and when necessary.

Critical thought

The work and development to achieve critical thought in our pupils is a priority for all our pupils. However, it could be said that this is never truer than in the case of our Higher Secondary education. For that reason, we encourage our pupils to manage and process information so they are capable of choosing the best option based on their hierarchy of values.

Therefore, our pupils:

  • Are capable of finding the strengths and weaknesses in any proposal
  • Formulate sensible and rigorous responses to the problems put before them
  • Always make decisions while respecting others
  • Become seekers of the truth, training themselves as leaders of positive action

Public Speaking Programme

We teach our pupils how to defend their ideas with arguments and solid tools.

To work on and perfect their public speaking skills, our pupils engage in public presentations in the various disciplines and take part in the Debates Programme

This means our pupils:

  • Research their arguments
  • Organise their ideas
  • Are capable of defending them and expressing them coherently

Art and culture

We are firmly committed to art and culture as key factors in the integral development of our pupils. Every subject is focused on achieving a good EvAU result while maintaining motivation, interest and enthusiasm for learning about culture and art so our pupils discover the genuine value of the truth, goodness and the beauty to be found in all disciplines and in their personal lives.

  • We offer the Art Branch of Higher Secondary Education


Certificates within the study plan

As part of the study plan, we prepare our pupils to take exams at the two highest levels of English – Cambridge Advanced (C1) and Proficiency (C2). In order to ensure their success in these demanding exams, our English department offers:

  • Extended hours: Four learning hours per week and the option to increase this to six
  • Personalised preparation
  • The option to study the “Extra English” subject
  • Level-based groups in order to ensure a study pace suited to their circumstances and to guarantee the best outcome
  • Study of a third language: French or German

International experiences

As part of our international model, we have agreements and partnerships with various entities that support us in offering international experiences to our Higher Secondary pupils that will help them in their transition to the professional and university academic world.

  • Visiting lecturers
  • Specialised advice on overseas university education
  • Debates


Tutorial Action Plan

From the start of Primary, our tutors work with the guidance department to develop a programme throughout each school year until our pupils leave school that is focused on accompanying the pupil, guiding them on their learning journey and supporting their integral development.

Specific strategies and resources are included at this stage that enable our pupils to face the EvAU and the transition to their next stage in life: higher education at university.

Career Guidance

The work of our tutors is key during this school year and they accompany each pupil through the personal interviews they attend based on the academic and human development undertaken by each individual. Some are very clear about where they want their career to go, while others make this important decision at the last moment. There is no need to worry about this; it is very natural and entirely normal. Our school offers all the tools they will need and all the human support they could wish for to make the right choice.

Besides the ordinary task of accompaniment, the Guidance Department offers various activities that are key to the success of this programme (shown in the table below), such as:

  • Work Experience: Pupils receive professional and university advice on the various degree courses and employment opportunities. They also have the chance to undergo an experience at various companies and institutions, which they can choose themselves based on their own professional interests. This gives them a first-hand insight into the work undertaken in different sectors
  • University Guidance Days on which we accompany our pupils to workshops, round-table discussions with university pupils and presentations on various degree courses in order to help our pupils decide which higher education option to choose based on the professional future they seek.

Higher Secondary Colegio Privado Madrid


Integral formation trips

As part of the training programme, our pupils take a trip with their teachers and trainers at the start of each Higher Secondary school year.

Our 1st Year Higher Secondary pupils go on a five-day pilgrimage trip to the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral.

This experience helps them understand that, in this new stage of their lives, they will also be able to overcome all the challenges ahead if they work as a team, face up to the difficulties and live joyfully while trusting in themselves.

Missions in Latin America:

Over the summer and on a voluntary basis, our pupils have the choice to spend part of their holidays helping others while accompanied by their trainers and former pupils.

Our 2nd Year Higher Secondary pupils are accompanied by the directors, instructors, mothers and former pupils on a final trip with the school to help those most in need at the Hospitalidad de Nuestra Señora de Lourdes.  They also take a trip to Poland under the “Following in the Footsteps of Pope John Paul II” programme. These are unique experiences that they will never forget.

Higher Secondary Colegio Privado Madrid Higher Secondary Colegio Privado MadridHigher Secondary Colegio Privado Madrid

Social Participation Programme

We want our pupils to benefit from the experience of discovering that there is greater joy to be found in giving than in receiving. We want to foster a desire in our pupils to work for the good of others and the transformation of society.

In partnership with various supporting institutions in several fields, we have designed a Social Participation Programme that is maintained throughout all age groups at this stage of education. By getting involved in various activities with those institutions, our pupils discover the needs of others and learn how to respond in a committed and effective way to those needs while developing a stronger sense of charity and empathy towards the people around them.

Education for love

Along a gradual path that is adapted to this age group, we accompany them on the discovery of true value and meaning in their body, affection and sexuality.

This stage concludes with the Introduction to Primary programme.

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