Lower Secondary Colegio Privado Madrid

Education is not the answer to the question.
Education is the means to the answer to all questions. (W. Allin)

We have personalised programmes to accompany pupils on their path to becoming mature young people who can confidently and successfully venture out into the world with integrity, authenticity and excellent training.

From the age of 12 onwards, the human brain is capable of formulating genuinely abstract thoughts. Every concept learned in the classroom is used to enhance their reasoning and challenge them to analyse, experiment and engage in problem-solving.

Furthermore, they will develop the skills, abilities and capabilities needed to lay sound foundations that will prepare them for moving up to Higher Secondary.

Accompanied by the best teachers at all times

We have the best team of teachers who go out of their way for each one of our pupils and strive to personalise the education received by each one. They love their pupils, and their pupils feel that affection. They engage in ongoing training, dedicated and willing to bring out the best from each pupil not only in terms of academic performance but also in terms of human and spiritual development because a person is the sum of all their parts and our formation is integral (view box). More than just teachers, our trainers accompany each pupil on this wonderful adventure.

Lower Secondary Colegio Privado Madrid


Experiential and interdisciplinary learning: active methods

We develop intelligent and experiential learning adapted to the real world in our pupils, encouraging autonomy, responsibility and inclusion through:

  • The development of interdisciplinary projects
  • Problem-based learning (PBL)
  • Cooperative work as group organisation

Study techniques

We provide pupils with the resources they need to study effectively. For that, they work on the following from the 1st Year of Lower Secondary:

  • The planning and organisation of study.
  • Concentration and the factors that encourage this.
  • Comprehension of the content being studied.
  • The tools and techniques used to process or take the learning on-board.

Scientific and mathematical learning

Scientific and mathematical skills form an important part of our curriculum, which is why we encourage the development of curiosity in discovering, learning and understanding through projects, laboratory experiences, participation in Science Fairs and external competitions.

Technology project

We are a benchmark school and we therefore incorporate technology into the academic training of our pupils. We do this gradually, progressively and in a manner adapted to the specific circumstances because we understand that technology offers the necessary enhancements to their intellectual relationship with the world and because it helps our pupils to develop critical and creative thought, to communicate fluently and expressively, to tackle life with maturity and to participate responsibly in society.

Lower Secondary Colegio Privado Madrid

Tablet-assisted Learning Project

The way this project is organised seeks the following objectives:

  • To enhance several of the skills to be developed through our educational project, such as creativity, cooperation, a curiosity to investigate and learning independence.
  • To develop the suitable skills mentioned above by using devices, such as digital competency for safe use of technology at work, for pleasure and for communication.
  • Learning personalisation: this allows for different learning paces and styles, as well as the creation of different learning environments.
  • To allow our pupils to discover the three most common ecosystems in the market during their time at school (Google, Apple and Microsoft).
  • Our pupils use an iPad as a learning device from 5th Year Primary to 2nd Year Lower Secondary, and a Chromebook from 3rd Year Lower Secondary to 2nd Year Higher Secondary.

We work in perfect harmony with analogue (text books and exercise books) and digital (devices) media. We believe that alternating between the two is the perfect combination for the educational development of our pupils.

Programming and robotics

During the course of lower secondary education, our pupils begin to learn basic programming languages. This enables them to create anything from a simple smartphone app for the Android operating system to an entire website or code a game with classical basic structures.  They also work on 3D printing and design, as well as robot programming and assembly.

Under this programme, our pupils:

  • Design, create, code and program robots
  • Develop their creativity
  • Increase their ability to solve problems and work in a team
  • Apply their knowledge of physics, algebra, electronics, mechanics and IT

Critical thought

The work and development to achieve critical thought in our pupils is a priority at this stage. We therefore continue the work on thought strategies begun in Primary (routines and skills) that foster the development of effective and visible thought.

This intellectual challenge requires skills to be used in order to know how to analyse, reflect, compare, discern, explain, decide on information and be capable of making one’s own decisions, in line with their hierarchy of values.

Public Speaking Programme

We assign crucial importance to the spoken word, speech and debate. We therefore encourage the skills of investigation, reasoning, critical spirit, oral expression and collaborative work.

In this way, our pupils develop fundamental intellectual and communication skills for their integral formation.

Our Public Speaking programme includes:

  • Public speaking as an optional subject from 3rd Year Lower Secondary
  • Dialogue and discussion activities in the subject of Philosophy
  • Debating school from 1st Year Lower Secondary
  • Workshops on effective presentations, how to speak in public and recitals

Art, culture and music

We include cultural and artistic content through interdisciplinary projects that allow pupils to express themselves and enhance their creativity.

We visit cultural venues in partnership with external specialists to enrich curricular learning.


Career Guidance

We seek to help our pupils become aware of their own gifts, as well as the opportunities and needs in the environment around them and give them what they need to plan their future.

To achieve this, we have prepared a pathway through which each pupil will be gradually offered over the course of each school year a series of activities tailored to their degree of maturity, where they are in life and academic performance, and tailored to the challenges they face, in order to help them define their career and professional path forward.

Guidance from their trainers during the course of these programmes is essential to helping them make the right choices.

The work of our tutors is key at this stage and they accompany each pupil through the personal interviews they attend based on the academic and human development undertaken by each individual. Some are very clear about where they want their career to go, while others make this important decision at the last moment. There is no need to worry about this; it is very natural and entirely normal. Our school offers all the tools they will need and all the human support they could wish for to make the right choice.

Lower Secondary Colegio Privado Madrid

Tutorial Action Plan

From the start of Primary, our tutors work with the guidance and integral formation department to develop a programme throughout each school year until our pupils leave school that is focused on accompanying the pupil, guiding them on their learning journey and supporting their integral development.

Christian life and spiritual accompaniment

We live the following of Christ with joy, passionately seeking the Truth and goodness, and accompanying them in Christian life. Besides our religion classes and other pastoral activities, we have a chaplain and consecrated staff for this stage.

Parenting school

At the school, we also want to offer a training space for parents; a meeting place for group reflection on the education work you undertake with your children.


International Formation

We prepare our pupils to be global citizens. To do so, we pay special attention to language teaching (English, French and German)

  • We are an official Cambridge examination centre; we prepare our pupils to obtain B2 and C1 level certificates during Lower Secondary based on personalised study plans.
  • They can choose French or German as their second foreign language.
  • Academic training in the foreign language: The subject of History and Geography is taught in English during 1st and 3rd Years Lower Secondary

International experiences at the school

We strive to offer our pupils not only the academic experiences of working and talking in English but also broader opportunities to enrich their linguistic skills. To that end, we offer a wide variety of international experiences at the school, such as:

  • Theatre and Drama
  • Poetry Recitals
  • Public Speaking
  • Conferences
  • Debates
  • Visiting lecturers

International experiences overseas

To complement our international training model, we offer academic periods of study away from the school for a term, school year or Summer Camp at:

  • OAK ACADEMIES (USA, Ireland and Switzerland)
  • American High Schools partnered with our OAK Academies
  • Saint Raphael – Rhode Island
  • Edgewood – Wisconsin

During their time overseas, Everest School provides pupils with a supervision programme so they can re-join their classmates upon their return at the same level.


Social Participation Programme

We want our pupils to benefit from the experience of discovering that there is greater joy to be found in giving than in receiving. We want to foster a desire in our pupils to work for the good of others and the transformation of society.

In partnership with various supporting institutions in several fields, we have designed a Social Participation Programme that is maintained throughout all age groups at this stage of education.

By getting involved in various activities with those institutions, our pupils discover the needs of others and learn how to respond in a committed and effective way to those needs while developing a stronger sense of charity and empathy towards the people around them.


Through our sports programme, our pupils:

  • Learn about themselves
  • Learn to overcome challenges
  • Develop willpower and character
  • Develop psychomotor, affective, social and intellectual skills

Besides our Physical Education classes, our pupils take part in other programmes and sports activities

  • Padel, football, basketball and volleyball tournaments
  • Athletics competitions
  • Everest Cross
  • Friendship Tournament
  • Education for Health and Sport