Our school

Mission, Vision and Values

We are an education centre with 30 years of experience offering Catholic and bilingual Pre-school, Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary that was created with a desire to provide integral formation based on academic excellence and personal guidance.

We seek to forge integral individuals within a climate of close human relationships, freedom and responsibility through a Christian view of mankind.

Our motto “SEMPER ALTIUS” means “ever higher” in Latin and expresses our aspiration to strive, every day, for the best possible integral development: the physical, intellectual, human and religious excellence of each one of our pupils.

It is a high goal but there could be no other: if parents entrust their children to us, it is down to us to give them the best.

Aware of the fact that parents are the primary and chief educators of their children who are simply seeking the best for them, we accept the commitment to collaborate with them on the education of their children. For that reason, the families play a leading role at Colegio Everest. Their presence and participation are essential for achieving the goals of our education project.

Our School Colegio Privado Madrid

The educational activity (spiritual and doctrinal) at Colegio Everest was launched in 1982 under guidance from the Legionaries of Christ, an institution of the Catholic Church of pontifical right established in 1941 whose mission is to extend the Kingdom of Christ in society according to the demands of Christian justice and charity and in close collaboration with bishops and the pastoral programmes of each diocese.

We are an education centre that promotes the Catholic faith and Christian values within a climate of total respect for the freedom of parents and pupils.

Our education model encompasses four areas: spiritual formation, formation in virtues, social participation and formative discipline. It is aimed at fostering personal maturity and the acquisition of human virtues (generosity, respect for others, sincerity, commitment, sporting spirit, etc.) that can be developed through our various educational activities and ensure each pupil achieves the best of themselves.

This school forms part of a network of centres dedicated to the education, formation and schooling of children and young people.

In Spain, this network comprises seven schools plus the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. The ICIF (International Centre of Integral Formation) is present at each of our centres. The ICIF consists of an international team of professionals with proven experience in education, human and social fields who are responsible for ensuring that each centre maintains high academic performance and faithfully applies our education system.


In 1982, with the aim of educating pupils, children and young people through an integral formation model and from a Christian view of mankind, the Colegio Everest Monteclaro was set up under guidance from the Legionaries of Christ. We had 538 pupils for the 1982/83 school year. Year after year, families have continued to entrust us with the education of their children and our school now caters for almost 2,000 pupils. We have been cultivating the intelligence, willpower, sensitivity and transcendence of our pupils in four areas:

Spiritual formation, Formation in virtues, Social participation and Formative discipline.

Colegio Everest intends to be a benchmark in terms of education and society, producing free and responsible men and women from its pupils. These attributes are the result of integral formation that is focused on each individual through academic excellence, the promotion of values and the development of virtues.

Management Team

Colegio Everest has an excellent faculty dedicated to teaching and looking after its 2,000 pupils. In order to provide an excellent response to the values that identify us and in order to remain true to our motto, “Semper altius”, we are organised into the following areas:

  • English Coordination
  • Integral Formation Coordination
  • Stage Coordination (pre-school, primary, secondary, higher secondary)
  • Catholic Formation Coordination
  • Psychopedagogy Department Coordination
  • Promotion and Communication Coordination