Educational model

Stages and Methods

We endeavour and are committed to obtaining the best results from our pupils and guaranteeing them the best preparation as people for success in what they become and what they do so that, when tomorrow comes, they are able to successfully complete higher education. To that end, we have a well-grounded syllabus with clear educational objectives and extensive content in the areas of science, the humanities and art.

Furthermore, we offer comprehensive formation in learning skills and learning tools. We seek not only to provide pupils with knowledge but also to enable them to apply that knowledge at any time and in any aspect of their lives.

We have therefore adopted avant-garde education systems and programmes of excellence:

  • Sunrise Method (pre-school, primary and secondary)
  • Responsible Education: Formation in emotional intelligence
Educational Model Colegio Privado Madrid

Colegio Everest seeks the development of human virtues through all educational, curricular and extra-curricular activities, and fosters habits of harmony and solidarity.

Our centre incorporates the use of new technologies in the teaching of various subjects so that pupils and teachers can familiarise themselves and take advantage of the educational resources offered by these new advancements: the use of multimedia systems as an educational resource in all areas of the syllabus and technical training for the faculty in the use and creation of educational material in multimedia language, and the use of these systems as a resource in educational assessment.

Differentiated Education

Nowadays, differentiated education is an avant-garde characteristic of the best education models. Based on an approach whereby the educational objectives and objectives are the same for both boys and girls, differentiated education is an education system that adopts a teaching style adapted to each gender to thus make the most of their different qualities and pace of maturity in order to guarantee true equal opportunity. We separate the children in different classrooms to optimise their development and learning.

Sunrise Method


What Is It?

An international programme of pedagogical innovation for primary education that fundamentally consists of approaching the learning process from a different direction. We do not change the content but we do change the way that content is taught.

Fundamental Aspects

1. Integral Formation

Harmonious balance is sought between the four formation areas (human, spiritual, intellectual and apostolic) in the belief that any action by our pupils involves all of these areas to one extent or another.

Furthermore, a range of specific formative resources has been developed that are all interconnected: Programme of Catholic Formation, Formation in Virtues, Social Participation and Formation for Love.

2. Skill-based Learning

We seek to prepare young people who are ready for life, capable of performing effectively in any situation. To that end, it is necessary to develop the skills and attitudes in children that they will need to perform both personally and socially, as well as the learning of knowledge. This is what we call “skill-based working”.

In this regard, the SUNRISE Method perfectly encompasses and goes beyond the idea of skills established by the current Spanish Constitutional Law on Education (LOE). The LOE defines the ‘what’ while the SUNRISE Method explains the ‘how’.

3. Emphasis on Strategic Learning

Learning to learn. The teacher takes part in the formation of pupils as a mediator and facilitator, providing pupils with the tools they need for self-learning. Pupils become the active protagonists of their own learning experience.

The fundamental learning strategies on which we base ourselves are:

Problem-based learning

Cooperative learning

Research projects

4. Learning Environments

These are specific and virtual tools that seek to provide enriching learning experiences through a range of spaces and methods. The learning method for these tools is based on discovery, exploration, experimentation and play, thus encouraging initiative, curiosity and active effort among pupils.


In short, the programme seeks to develop the specific potential that resides in each pupil so that they manage to fully develop themselves as people.

The programme helps pupils discover what those possibilities are and to freely and personally respond to the project God has given them. By following this path, they will undoubtedly find meaning in their life and, through that, happiness.

At its core, this new approach fundamentally seeks to shape persons of integrity by working in harmony with their families so they may become leaders of positive action and committed builders of a civilisation based on justice and love, according to principles of Christian Humanism.

Our attributes

Integral Catholic Formation